Shay's Studio
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Shay's Studio, Co. Galway

Name Shay's Studio Shay's Studio
Address Leitrim Village, Kylebrack, Loughrea
City Co. Galway
Country Ireland
Phone 1 353 (0)90 - 9745942
Phone 2 353 (0)87 - 9504730
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Shay's Studio, Our Services

  • Recording (at the studio and on location).
  • Mastering.
  • Sound engineering/recording courses.
  • Advice on setting up home studios: Sound insulation, acoustics, recording gear etc.
  • Musical production assistance (especially handy for solo artists).
  • Video editing, DVD authoring, DV->DVD, VHS->DVD
  • SFX/sound/music for films/ballet & theatre.

Shay's Studio, Our Equipment


Shay's Studio, Our Facilities

Shay's Studio, Our Portfolio

Anything from trad to death metal. check out the samples page: