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AP Studios, Dublin

Name AP Studios AP Studios
Address Sandyford
City Dublin
Country Ireland
Phone 1 +353 0876720319
Phone 2 +353 0857397302
Website http://www.apstudios.net
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AP Studios, Our Services

The most important step in making a record in our opinion is the recording process. Highly overlooked today, this task is the first and most important stage of a production. Many people feel that everything can be fixed at mixing and mastering stage, in part that's true but in reality there is not processor or computer wizard that can cover up a bad recording. Definitely the sound can be improved later but a badly tuned drum kit recorded in a badly tuned room with 8 mics will never sound as good as a properly tuned drum kit recorded in a great room with only 3 mics, at any stage. We strive to getting things right at the first step which is the key to obtaining quality finished products. We achieve this through combining the knowledge and experience of our engineers and acousticians with our great equipment and room acoustics

We record most of bands playing live all in the same room which creates a sound that has more vibe and depth as opposed to a more congested sound created when layering. The most common comment we receive after a band has finished tracking their first song in the studio is "wow that sounds as if it's already mixed and finished". Here at A.P. Studios we created an environment that encourages creativity and innovation in every project from classical music to heavy metal.

AP Studios, Our Equipment

  • Digidesign Pro Tools HD
  • Digidesign 192 i/o
  • Apogee Rosetta 800 192
  • Apogee Big Ben
  • Nuendo 8 i/o
  • 2x Nuendo 9652
  • Amek Pure Path DO
  • RME AEB8-O
  • Sony MDS-302
  • Pro Tools HD 8
  • Cubase 4
  • Wavelab
  • Reason
  • Live


AP Studios, Our Facilities

A.P. STUDIOS is a unique and innovative professional recording studio based in Sandyford, Dublin 18. With over 15 years knowledge and experience we deliver a high quality, reliable and professional service to all our clients, at competitive rates. We offer state of art equipment implementing the industry standard Pro Tools HD digital recording system complimented by our analogue Trident mixing desk as well as many classic and vintage outboard and microphones. Our facility encompasses over 45 square metres boasting a large live and control room which are both state of art acoustically treated and designed, creating the perfect recording and mixing environment.

Once inside you will soon feel the great vibe that our recording studio is known for.
Our services cover a wide range of music and audio productions, whether you are a solo artist, band, musician, producer or a record company we can take care of all your production needs. Here at A.P. Recording Studios we are committed to customer satisfaction, no matter what your project or budget size we assure the highest quality product possible. We are located in the beautiful and relaxing surroundings of Ticknock only 18 minutes from the city centre, just off the M50 and close to the Luas line.
Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy it !

AP Studios, Our Portfolio