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HOROSPEX Biography

Horospex, named after the ancient roman art of dismembering animals and/or people in an attempt to predict omens from the alignment of their entrails, or as Oxford Dictionary states (haruspex): “a class of ancient Roman soothsayers, who performed divination by inspection of the entrails of victims, and in other ways.”

We thought the idea of conning a whole section of society into believing that you have these miraculous powers is an amazing similarity to the powers that be today, weather they be a corrupt company advertising crap, or a pop band pretending to be what their fans wish they were. To be a ‘Haruspex’ is to preech so effectivly that you eventually start believing your own bullshit, and as we all know, that’s what being in a rock band is all about isn’t it?

Hope that dosn't disturb anybody too much. See, even non metal rock bands can have sick names as well!



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horospex@hotmail.com http://www.horospex.com


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